Ending Neck Pain Through Supplementation

Are you dealing with joint pain? Does the pain keep you from doing things that you love? Does it keep you from training or playing sports? Or maybe just make it difficult to work and do your job. Whether you work manual labor or a desk job, joint and neck pain can be debilitating. 

I was in the same boat. It almost forced me to retire from competition in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Heck, I was getting to the point I could even train the way I wanted to. I started dealing with neck pain back in 2011. I tried everything to relieve the pain, tingling and numbness in my arms and hands. 

Chiropractors, massages, yoga, stretching. Nothing worked. I got to the point I had to consider stepping back from the sport I love and go through surgery. Surgery that would more than likely end my career.

                      That's the absolute last thing I wanted to do.

So I decided to try one last thing. I decided to help my body fix itself. I started working with a certified sports nutritionist and certified sports injury specialist named William Vandry. I was skeptical that he could help me since I had already seen 3 surgeons and they all had similar solutions. They all involved surgery. 

Mr. Vandry gave me some basic exercises to do to help correct my posture and then tweaked my diet a little. Luckily I already had a pretty good diet. I just needed to add more fat and cut way down on my carbs. 

He also gave me a long list of supplements to start taking along with all of my meals. He said, “give me 90 days of discipline on these things and I guarantee you will feel results.” 

It didn’t take 90 days. Within the first month, I was already noticing big changes. First, the numbness went away. Then the tingling started to vanish. It wasn’t long until I had almost a full range of motion back in my neck and I was able to train and grapple hard again. 

I have stuck to the exercises, diet and supplementation for 9 months now and my neck is still in great shape. The best part is it’s not difficult or time consuming for me to do things this way. And it is light years better than surgery. 

Most surgeries like the kind I would have had to go through don’t even work that often. I probably would have still had to deal with numbness and tingling down my arms. Not much chance I would have continued fighting either. 

During my last fight, Big John McCarthy mentioned that I fixed my neck problems using natural methods. Since then I have gotten message after message from people telling me about the pain they are dealing with. 

They want to find the same relief that I have without going under the knife. So I’m going to share the supplements that I use with you now. In future posts, I will cover the exercises and the meal plan as well.    

So, if you are one of those people dealing with unbearable neck and joint pain, here is a list of supplements that I used myself to improve the health of my neck. I am providing affiliate links to the products sold on amazon. If you use the links I will get a small commission on eligible items. 

Don’t feel obligated to use the links. If you find a better or cheaper way to get the product, by all means, go that route. Also if you find a better brand or have a brand you already like, use it. These are just suggestions based on what I use. This is a long list and these are just recommendations. I put a * by the supplements that I think are most important.  

Supplement List

*Kirkland Coconut Oil - Use one spoonful a day. I usually just eat the coconut oil plain off the spoon but it can be put into your coffee or mixed into your shake or food. I take it mostly for brain and nerve health but it has other health benefits as well.


 *Zenwise Daily Digestive Enzymes - Take 2 with every meal. Take about 5 minutes before you eat or have your shakes. It helps with breaking down food so you get the most out of your meals.


*Jarrow Probiotic - Take one with every meal and shake. It helps with good gut bacteria.


Doctors Best vitamin D3 5000iu - Take 2 a day with food. Good for bone health, muscle repair, kidney health and increased cognitive function in older adults.


Kirkland vitamin E 400iu - Take 2 a day with food. It has Antioxidants that may reduce free radicals and slow the aging process of cells. Some conflicting studies are published that support the idea there are no health benefits but I still use it and like it.


*Jarrow zinc balance - Take 3 to 5 a day with food. Immune and bone health. It helps with testosterone production in men. It has copper in it to balance with the zinc. It can help reduce gray hair too.


Bluebonnet B-complex 50 - 2 a day with food. Many benefits. It helps convert food into glucose for energy. Fat and protein metabolizing. Healthy nervous system functioning immune system and can help with anxiety. 


Country Life Acerola Vitamin C Complex - Take 2 a day. Good for skin, cartilage, teeth, bone, blood vessels and immune system.  


Pancreatin - Also known as pancreatic enzymes, take one with every meal. These enzymes help protein, fat and carbohydrate digestion. 


*Now Full Spectrum Mineral Caps - Take 1 with every meal. It has all the essential minerals that your body needs. 


*Youngevity Ultimate Gluco-Gel - Take 1-2 every meal. Supports healthy cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones. 


Wobenzym N - Take 3 pills twice a day on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes before a meal. Aids in your body's natural inflammation response and joint health.


Type II bioavailable Collagen - Take 1 with every meal. This is a peptide and component of joint cartilage. This is used for bone and joint health along with inflammation.  


MK-7 - Take 1 with every meal. This is the bioactive form of vitamin K2. It is responsible for the carboxylation of specific bone proteins needed for building bones. 


Boron - take 3 times a day with food. A chemical element. It affects the way the body handles other minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It helps with arthritis prevention and improved testosterone levels. 


Leah Lee